MOH - Ministry of Health UAE Examination

MOH Exam stands for Ministry of Health Exam. The exam is conducted by the Ministry of Health UAE. It is a medical license exam that is conducted for appointing health care professionals who can work at various health care centers all over UAE.  All the candidates who pass the MOH Exam will be qualified to work in all the five Emirates with the exception of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Data Flow process is the second procedure in MOH exam. Data Flow is the certificate verification process to check whether all the certificates uploaded by the candidate are genuine or not. The authorities will also verify whether the candidate has worked for the required period.  In the case of DHA examination, the candidate can sign up the exam date after getting the credential approval and submitting the required documents needed for Data Flow. But in the case of MOH exam, the candidate can book the exam date only after concluding the Credentialing process and receiving the results of Data Flow.

Credentialing is the first step in MOH exam to check whether the candidate has accomplished all requirements according to PQR (Personal Qualification Requirements). The details like experience requirements and registration are checked in credentialing.  After completing the Credentialing and Data Flow procedures, the candidate will get the approval for exam. The exam dates are provided by the UAE Ministry of Health. The available exam dates can be seen in the candidate’s application. The test taker can select the dates accordingly.

Important points to be considered