HAAD - Health Authority of Abu Dhabi Examination

HAAD Certification is one of the mandatory qualifications for medical professionals like Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, etc., who wish to practice in Abu Dhabi. The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) is a regulatory body of the healthcare sector that advocates licensing for qualified medical professionals. Our HAAD course provides the best training conducted by certified professionals. We offer medical professionals with industry-based training together with completing the syllabus so that it will help them directly clear the exam with certainty.

Our Training will help develop the necessary skills and qualities important to be qualified as a medical professional wish to work in Abu Dhabi. We train our students with a unique methodology that is easily understood and recognized by all our learners. We encourage the students to expand their skills to accomplish workplace excellence. Our advice assists medical professionals with advanced knowledge and helps to shape the structure created by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. As HAAD licensing is mandatory for healthcare workers to work in Abu Dhabi. 

HAAD EXAM. HAAD exam is a computer-base exam, with 150 items in multiple choice format. It covers Nursing Fundamentals, Maternity Nursing, Med-Surg Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Nursing Management and Leadership. Result for HAAD exam is made available just minutes after the exam, so be ready.  HAAD examination results usually go through a standardized difficulty assessment and the passing score is usually pegged around 60-65%.